What is a Mobile Pass, you ask?
Well, let us tell you.

It’s simple: My Town Pass connects you with your customers. Think of it as a mobile wallet for customers to store information about stores, merchandise, credit cards, loyalty plans, coupons, membership cards, tickets and more. In your digital wallet the pass becomes an all in one easy-to-access, passport to your favorite places.

When you list your business with My Town Pass, you’re reaching more customers and helping them purchase from you more conveniently. Customers can be notified when you’re having a promotion or sale, check their points balance, find your store information, take tours and shop at their convenience.

My Town Pass offers merchants and businesses options to connect their payment systems so customers can check-out using a secure mobile payment process such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Since everyone has a mobile device, why not easily connect with customers through My Town Pass to make shopping at your business even easier?

Today’s customers want convenience. With My Town Pass, North Texas area businesses are at every member’s fingertips.

Connecting Businesses to Community

See how it works below: